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Spring into Festival Season!
May 5–6, 2018 10am to 6pm
Castro Street, Mountain View, CA
kids tons of fun zone at the A La Carte & Art festival in downtown Mountain View, California

Have A Total Blast in the Super Duper Kidz Funzone!

Bungee Jump, Waterballerz, Climbing Wall, Caricature Art,
Cute Kids Togs, Face Painting and Henna Tattoos

Kids of all ages will love the action-packed amusements and fun in the Super Duper Kidz Funzone at A La Carte & Art, May 5-6 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. in downtown Mountain View. Located at the corner of Mercy and Castro, the amusements for youngsters of all ages will include everything from thrilling bungee jumping, a daunting rock climbing wall and awesome roll-on-water waterballerz to super cool temporary tattoos, face painting and cool kids clothing!

Cali Caricature
Henna Designs
super cool body art
Bungee Jump
Bolt in a Bottle Designs baby leggings, burp cloths, and more
Party Animals Puppets

Cali Caricature is the Bay Area’s best caricature illustrator, based on the sunny Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. With amazing skill and good humor, this talented band of artists excels at quickly rendering guests with one-of-a-kind, keepsake caricature art.

Have some fun with a temporary tattoo by California’s award-winning, most sought-after henna artist Renu Lal. Henna painting is an ancient, all-natural, pain-free cosmetic and healing art. Dried leaves from the henna plant are crushed into a powder, then made into a paste that is applied to the body to safely dye the skin. This is done in elaborate patterns and designs, traditionally on hands and feet. The henna dyes the skin with a maroon stain which lasts 1 to 2 weeks and fades away leaving no visible marks. "In my culture, henna conjures up images of romance and creates an aura of glamour. It is referred to as the unspoken language of women. The symbols we use in Mehndi are said to be universal, with ancient meaning and a connection to the sources of Life," says Lal.

From the sweetest of looks to more daring designs, "It's Fun Face Painting" brings an extra sparkle to the event! Face painting and body art with bright colors glitter and imagination, fun henna designs, glitter tattoos and hair bling are among their unique wearable art offerings. Get your dazzle on with looks ranging from rainbow princesses, zombies, and fairy faces to dramatic tigers and superheroes for the day. Want something that lasts a little longer? Enhance your tresses with colorful hair feathers that will stay the course or a non-traditional festival henna tattoo design (made with fresh premium organic brown henna) that will keep the fun going all week.

For a real scream, you gotta try Waterballerz! Participants climb into a giant, clear inflatable ball which is filled with fresh air. The the ball is zipped up, which completely seals it, and they enter an inflatable pool that is 24 by 24 feet and literally walk (and roll) on water. Run, jump, bounce, walk inside the balls on water. As many as six balls can be in the pool at one time. This exciting new attraction is always a hit!

Are you ready to jump high into the sky? Flip around and catch some massive air and bigtime stoke?  Well, be prepared to get harnessed into the Super Bungee, an incredible bungee trampoline apparatus and get sling shot high in the air. Kids and adults will alike will LOVE this super fun activity that promises to get your heart racing. You won’t want to miss it and will likely want to go a few rounds!

mobile rock climbing wall

Kids and adults alike will enjoy Climb-On’s challenging 24-foot rock climbing wall where trained climbing technicians will be available to show you the ropes. The wall is color coded to assist climbers, from the youngest to the most advanced, make it to the to the top.

Bolt in a Bottle Designs was started by a stay at home mom looking for the perfect burp cloth, so she made her own. They were recently shown on popular Youtuber CarlieStylez channel. Since then she has expanded to digital invites, leggings and other baby accessories sold predominantly on her Etsy Shop. Drop by to say hello to Kelsey and buy some her cute stuff.

Party Animals are the most incredibly expressive puppets on the planet! You can animate them to sit, scratch, walk and dance just like a real animal! And if you like to dance to music, your Party Animal can dance as well as you can! You will be amazed at the effect these comical critters have on people of all ages.


Castro Street
Mountain View, California

May 5–6, 2018
10am – 6pm